Laura Ferrero (Barcelona, 1984) is a journalist and an editor and she has been branded as a “breakout author” after the publication of her first book of short-stories Piscinas vacías (Alfaguara, 2016). Her articles and reviews are regularly featured in El País, ABC Cultural or La Vanguardia, among other outlets. She is also a screenwriter for several film and tv projects, including the awarded documentary El techo amarillo, the screen adaptation of Un amor by Sara Mesa or HBO’s Foodie Love.

Qué vas a hacer con el resto de tu vida (Alfaguara, 2017) was her acclaimed debut novel, followed by the successful collection of short-stories, La gente no existe (Alfaguara, 2021).

Her new novel, Los astronautas (Alfaguara, 2023), just published and its success is undeniable.

Los astronautas

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Qué vas a hacer con el resto de tu vida

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