En el cielo, una nube

In The Sky, A Cloud | Satori. 2023

Luminous tales that undermine the foundations of the ego, and free our conscience from the shackles of appearance.

Manuel Astur recounts the most emblematic tales of the Zen tradition with a simplicity devoid of artifice, and the honest wisdom of someone who has torn the veil off the illusion of Maya.

«The only thing that exists is this present in which we navigate between a changing past and an unforeseeable future. Reality is here, always at our fingertips, and the only thing that changes are the interpretations we make of it, the stories we tell ourselves. Zen is the best way of being able to enjoy this story without suffering too much from it that human beings have found, the best way to stop being an actor who has been driven to craziness and believes he is his character.» Manuel Astur

Manuel Astur offers us his personal version of the most famous Zen tales, fascinating stories transmitted orally from teacher to student in the Zen monasteries of Japan. Contrary to Western tradition, in which stories are often moralising or fables, Zen stories have no moral. As a general rule, they do not intend to make us reflect, nor teach us a moral lesson. Nor do they claim otherwise. The intention of these stories is to create a void within the listener, a small crack in the wall of their opinions through which they can peek into the true reality of things.