El santo al cielo

Dos bigotes, Noviembre 2016

Aldo Monteiro, head inspector in the National Police Homicide and Missing Persons Department, has one weakness: saints. He knows the martyrology off by heart and misses no chance to prove it. However, when Lieutenant Julio Mataró, his liaison at the Guardia Civil, tells him the name of the body he is looking at, he's a bit disappointed: Orion Dauber doesn't sound very Christian. Nor is there anything in the apartment, locked from the inside, that confirms his identity: no fingerprints at all. Who is Orion Dauber? And what does he have to do with Daniel, a teenager that disappeared two years back whose case the inspector continues to obsess over?
On the other hand Silvia leads an ordinary life that seems to have only one goal: to anesthetize memories. Perhaps this is why she's not very fond of getting too attached to material objects. Except, perhaps, the lighter she carries in her coat, which she can no longer live without. An old hat pin that quickly takes on a more sinister purpose. Something she is yet unaware of… As she is also unaware that for some months now someone has been following her. It is winter. Just a few days before Christmas. Aldo and Julio are facing the most complicated case of their careers, a game of appearances and misdirection that will cross paths with Silvia, who has been marked by something that happened in her past and casts a threatening shadow over everyone involved.