Jo també sóc catalana

Columna, 2004

(I Am a Catalan, Too) –Am I a Catalan, mum?  When her son asked her this question, Najat El Hachmi didn’t know how to reply. The author left Morocco when she was eight years old and has lived in Catalonia since then. With this book, she decided to tackle in depth and with insight the experience of being an immigrant:  language, the question of identity, religion, women, the sense of loss of one’s own country yet at the same time of belonging to Catalonia, her adopted country. With an impeccable language, rich in nuance and a surprising capacity to capture the essence of the facts, the author communicates a hope for a future in which she will be able to answer her son’s question easily. An essential book for an understanding of what the new Catalans of the XXI are like.

(Spain, Columna - Catalan)