La curva del olvido

The Curve of Forgetting | Destino, 2021

A novel that plunges into the problems, anguish, and hope of two generations, each situated in different but equally crucial moments of their lives, standing before the traps and temptations of passing time.

In July of 1968, Vicente Alós and Andrés Martel, two friends now into their fifties, arrive in Ibiza from Barcelona by boat. Vicente is separated from his wife and Andrés is a windower. Traveling with them are their daughters, Sara and Candela, two young women who grew up together but are very different. They check into a small hotel in an isolated cove. Thus begins a long and apparently peaceful summer. But the past conceals an absurd tragedy, old resentments, and never-resolved quarrels, that Vicente and Andrés cannot leave behind. While they relive those moments, Sara and Candela have to face the uncertainties of a future in a tumultuous world that appears before them like a bottomless pit.