La historia de los vertebrados

The Story of Vertebrates | Random House, 2023

A novel about anxiety and the healing power of the stories of the women who came before us. A journey through personal wounds and universal struggles through the eyes of art and literature.

«On the 20th of December 2015, I became a mother, and I lost my mind. [...] That same day, Spain voted in elections in which a new party participated for the first time [...], and the hope of change hung over the day. At dusk, when I was counting contractions in the labour room, the country was counting seats. And both of those stories came together in a new life for me, because one of those seats was going to be mine. The same day my children were born, I became a deputy in Congress.»

What should have been the happiest day in the narrator’s life, becomes the beginning of a crazy story. Her anxiety takes hold, and the weight of the world falls on her shoulders twice over: she must care for her new-born twins, and give a voice to those who have trusted her with their vote.

La historia de los vertebrados delves into a personal wound to bring out universal struggles and connections. It is a journey through art, literature, mythology, and the history of medicine. Mar García Puig masterfully transforms her personal experience into a story that tells us about all the women who have ever felt that sanity was leaving them and to tell us of all the men who have silenced them, men protected by centuries of science, myths and politics.