Les nostres mares

Our Mothers | Proa, 2023

» Sant Jordi Award 2023

A literary celebration of a particular generation of women, vital role models to all of us.

What did your mother dream of becoming? Whatever it was, it undoubtedly had to be left on the backburner. The protagonists of this novel, born in the 1950s, aren’t allowed to showcase their talent. But defiantly, they aren’t intimidated by anything or anyone. And in the spirit of sisterhood and joyfulness, they eschew the domestic cage, keep their artistic drive alive, dare to do the unthinkable out of love for a child, take the lead in local struggles, discover feminism, and take trains and planes to London to claim their own destiny.

Les nostres mares seeks to honor the generation that renounced their dreams so their daughters wouldn’t have to.

After meeting these ten powerful women, we will realize something extraordinary: even though the men always get the recognition, it turns out that the real heroines all along were our mothers.