Males arts

Empúries, 2013 | Dark Arts

(Dark Arts) December 2004. Several years ago the property market was flooded with upstarts from all corners hoping to get rich from the situation. Investors, vendors and brokers at all levels appeared, along with a new emerging “species”: those who have started to build wealth and need to prove it. Surrounded by this fauna, a young couple, Miquel and Raquel, move into the house they have built in a village in Alt Empordà. Miquel is the architect who designed the house, and for Raquel the house is a dream come true. His work has gone very well in recent years and Raquel has become accustomed to expensive cars, luxury holidays, the best hotels and designer clothes. But she doesn’t know that everything is about to go horribly wrong: Miquel is ruined and they are in danger of losing their home.

With a dynamic plot and fresh language, Males arts gives an accurate account of a society eager for and dazzled by success, allowing itself to fall into the trap set by the illusions of a freak period. A recent past that has very quickly been left behind.