No era a esto a lo que veníamos

This Is Not What We Were After | Candaya, 2021

No era esto a lo que veníamos is a book about the horror of normality.

Its characters struggle to integrate themselves in a cosmos that legitimates their existence: one of romantic love, maternity, developments with swimming pools, a job with a salary, a traditional family. A longed-for normality that slowly becomes hostile territory, stifling, where life is often difficult to sustain.

After her stunning debut, Historia de España contada a las niñas, María Bastarós surprises us again with these tales of asphyxiating environments: the desert of Los Monegros, the erosion of the Bardenas, abandoned roads, industrial bays… Places that mark a path toward the margins or toward delirium, where people always seem to find the opposite of what they were looking for.