Piezas secretas contra el mundo

Periférica, 2014

(Secret Pieces Against the World) A student is accused of burning down her university library in Norway, but has escaped to Aysén –in the southernmost tip of Chile– to send out-of- love notes to her partner whilst writing the script for a video game in which the reader must decide whether landscapes will be devastated by the salmon industry, a series of unsolved murders or a huge fire, and also if a couple can manage to escape the devastation through literary dialogue.
Piezas secretas contra el mundo explores the likely relationships of love, attachment and damage between
people and that wide open space which can be nature, the urban landscape and also the never-ending amount of electronic information. With mind-blowing, flexible and clever prose, Labbé advocates that the best literature always belongs to a foreign land, always more vast and unexpected than it appears on the surface.

Is there another option for the novel than to confront Sebald with Lezama Lima, Faulkner with Borges,
Bolaño with Beckett and Diamela Eltit with Cormac McCarthy?