San, el libro de los milagros

Of Saints and Miracles | Acantilado, 2020

» Oxford Translation Prize shortlist
» Queen Sofía Institute Translation Prize longlist

This beautiful and surprising novel is like a mirror that reflects us all. Whether readers are from the country or the city, they will be able to glimpse a mythic world in which history is just another story told by the campfire, and in it, they will file their gaze until it is as sharp as that of the protagonist.

«There is a moment during those tranquil summer sunsets when a person would see things shimmer, as if they were giving back something of that generous light they received throughout the day. That was when Marcelino stopped whatever he was doing, got up, wiped the back of his hand across his forehead, and looked down into the valley at his feet. Everything shone and echoed like a bell of golden light. On that July sunset, too, Marcelino stopped and looked. The house, the granary, the carriage… everything glowed, profiled against the deep blue sky where the first bright star announced the coming of a new era. Everything but the big spot of blood in the sawdust and his brother’s body… He hadn’t meant to do him harm.»