Te espero dentro

I Will Wait Inside | Destino, 2014

A short story collection worthy of its place alongside those by such masters of the form as Carson McCullers or John Cheever.

The characters in these stories are unaware they are being watched. A small girl teaches her father to feign sleep in order to wriggle out of a tight spot; an old woman watching television for the first time discovers the connection between time and grasshoppers; a conversation between two brothers sparks a rebellion against the life their father has bequeathed them; Sonia wolfs down cans of condensed milk in an attempt to ward off a present that threatens to overwhelm her… and it is then, unbeknownst to them, that their lives take a sudden, crucial turn. Any of us, observed in a fragile, intense instant, could inhabit the pages of this book.

With his trademark humor and exquisite elegance, combined with infinite reserves of compassion, Pedro Zarraluki portrays the surprising ability of those who appeared to have hit rock bottom to find a new lease on life and reclaim their dignity.