Todo ese fuego

All That Fire | Planeta, 2015

Todo ese fuego is an exquisite novel that delves into the lives of three amazingly talented women who managed to rebel against the cruel norms of Victorian society and become great writers in a world reserved for men.

16 July 1846. In the parsonage in the small English village of Haworth, the three shepherd's daughters begin the day by doing the housework while waiting for the evening to come, when they can sit down together and secretly write the novels they long to publish. They are the Brontë sisters, three unmarried women in their thirties who, since childhood, have survived family tragedies, lack of financial resources and isolation through literature.

During that summer, Charlotte writes Jane Eyre. Emily devotes herself to Wuthering Heights. And Anne concentrates on Agnes Grey. Unaware of the extraordinary fate that awaits their literary works, the three of them pour into them their dreams, their frustrations and their hidden passions, turning that dark and vulgar house, marked by the early deaths of many of its inhabitants, into a space full of light.