Transcrepuscular – Libro I de la Trilogía El Ojo Bizco del Sol

Gigamesh, 2017 | Transcrepuscular, Book 1 of The Squint-Eyed Sun trilogy

(Transcrepuscular, Book 1 of The Squint-Eyed Sun trilogy) This is the story of a search that gets underway with the song of the snails, before travelling beyond the setting sun, the furrows ploughed by draught beetles, the storm shelters, the symbiotic bureaucrats, the dragonfly stables, the glass temples of the animists, the stone circles of the astrologers, the ice caves and the giant spider-infested forests of ferns. We will leave in our wake the arrow-straight lines traced by the train tracks that run rings round the world and make our way past the last monoliths to reach latitudes untouched by the sun’s rays. We will venture further than any sane man has ever imagined, fleeing in a bid to save our lives, in search of a mysterious relic and answers to questions that no man can now grasp. We are a small party - my wife and her witchdoctor, a ventriloquist bandit, my slug, my swords and me. Soon we will discover that we bear the weight of the world upon our shoulders and that mankind has been terribly misled about the world in which it lives.