Un amor español

A Spanish Love | La Bella Varsovia, 2023

Reading Sapphic poets as if she were ferociously devouring a cake. Emulating styles and sensibilities learned from the floral poetry of Hilda Doolittle, Renée Vivien and Carmen Conde, in Un amor español the author indulges in the sickly narration of a heteronormative romance.

That is what Luna Miguel imposed on herself to be able to write this ode to a beloved body; but also to laugh at herself and disguise her verses with an ascetic, lubricious and playful lyricism, as if from another time.
But there are other themes that run through this work: sex after motherhood, long-distance relationships, the wardrobe of bisexuality, the culture of reparation, the strangeness of one’s own language... And in the end, a single certainty: that her only homeland is desire.